Pennsylvania Breeding Program

Now for some very exciting news….

Below is an email I received from Brian Sanfrantello, the Executive Director of the PHBA.

To those in the breeding game, if you haven’t enrolled as a PHBA member, you really should! You have a large investment in the success of Pennsylvania breeding & racing so your voice needs to be heard.

Pennsylvania has the very best State bred program in the land with all year racing; 40% PA Bred Racing Bonuses in all open races; even in bottom level claiming races. In addition, Pennsylvania offers double dipping with 40% breeding bonuses, not to mention 10% stallion bonuses each and every time one of Charly’s son’s or daughters finishes first, second, or third at a PA racetrack.

I can hear the naysayers saying…”What happens if one of his progeny is claimed and is taken out of Pennsylvania?” Fair question as it could happen. But the chances of that happening, in my opinion, are slim to nonexistent.

Why you may ask? Because who would be foolish enough to take a PA Bred claiming horse out of PA and give up a 40% PA Racing Bonus unless of course the horse turned out to be a bona fide stake horse. Other than that, 95% of PA Bred’s will always race at a PA racetrack for the automatic guaranteed entry and the 40% add on racing bonus.

Well this morning’s news gets even better for those of us in the Pennsylvania breeding business. Penn National, in order to get more entries into their entry box enacted a new rule which is revolutionary that went into place July 15th.

The new Condition Book rule reads (see below)… that any owner who wishes to run a PA Bred in a Maiden Claiming Race of $25,000 or higher, shall have the luxury (if the owner wishes) of using a new PA Waiver Rule to grant their PA Bred racehorse an exception from being claimed while enjoying all the benefits of a claiming race.

What are the benefits you ask?

A) The competition is MUCH easier as you will not find six or seven figure purchased horses running in a $25,000 maiden claiming race.

B) Automatic entry into the race even if the entry box overfills.

C) Your horse is totally protected by the Waiver Rule from being claimed as you can do it over and over – not just once like with customary Waiver Rules all over the country. So if you finish second, third, or out of the money or even if it takes many races to break your maiden, you’re always protected as long as you use the Waiver and run for a tag of $25,000 or higher.

D) Even when you use the Waiver Rule and can’t be claimed, you still get all the benefits of running in a $25,000 Claiming race. This means your horse becomes eligible for the much desirable $25,000 or higher Starter Allowance races in which a horse MUST have been exposed for a $25,000 tag to be eligible. In these Starter Allowance races the horse is fully protected from being claimed as you run in allowances against mostly inferior competition. You won’t find a high six or seven figure horse being exposed in a $25,000 claimer to become eligible.

So with all these benefits… the first of our horses that comes to mind is R Big Bopper who tuned up for his return to the races with a half mile work in 49 seconds.

He will be the first to ship to Penn National to run in a $25,000 Maiden Claiming race in which we will take full advantage of this brand new Waiver Rule.

Should he romp, which we all hope although not eligible to be claimed; nonetheless, he will become eligible for $25,000 Starter Allowances in the future in which he also can’t be claimed.

Do you have any idea how advantageous this is to Uptowncharlybrown and all our broodmare partnerships. We can take Maiden Special Weight horses and run them all at Penn National in Maiden Claiming $25,000. They will race against inferior company in which they CAN’T be claimed to make them eligible for $25,000 and higher Starter Allowance company all over the country.

All I can say is WOW!!! Pennsylvania breeding just continues to get better and better. We still have a few shares remaining in One Fast Chick and It’s My Town our two new broodmare partnerships. Both broodmares are already in foal to Uptowncharlybrown.

You can become involved for only $300 for a 1.8% interest without any training bills for the rest of 2017. It doesn’t get any better than this.

I was recently asked what happens if the foals are sold or get claimed away to the 40% breeding awards? The answer is the breeding bonus remain yours, whether you own the foal or not! You still get paid 100% of the breeding bonus as long as the foal races at Parx, Penn National, or Presque Isle.

With a PA 40% racing bonus, it’s highly unlikely that any PA Bred is ever leaving Pennsylvania to race anywhere elsewhere. Charlybrown’s Rose who was just claimed away will continue to reward her Ambling Rose broodmare partners with a 40% double dipping breeding bonuses even though they no longer pay one penny in expenses for her training.

Make no mistake Rosie is of Maiden Special Weight caliber. We knew her talent when we exposed her to be claimed. I know this sounds crazy but I truly hope Eddie is 100% wrong in his evaluation of her longevity and that she winds up winning big time.

Nonetheless, when Eddie tells me he doesn’t believe she’ll have a long career because of several minor issues, you need to heed his warning for the welfare of the majority of the partners and take the money ($25,000) and run. There was also about another $6,500 in breeding bonuses as well.

Even if Eddie is proven wrong, Rosie’s breeders will still continue to reap the 40% breeding bonus without a penny in expenses for as long as her racing career lasts. Eddie upon my instructions told her new trainer everything about her as we want her to keep winning.

I would hope her new connections will next race her no higher than $25,000 NW2RL (non winners of 2 races lifetime) tag; but my guess is they will try a NWX1 allowance first. As long as she remains healthy that’s fine with me as I want her to win as often as possible as it benefits her breeding partners and Uptowncharlybrown! Go Rosie Go!

July 24, 2017

Dear Bob,

We’d like to thank Penn National for introducing a new addition to their condition book: Pennsylvania-Bred Maiden Waiver Claiming Race, effective July 15, 2017. Please see below for details.

Any Pennsylvania Bred Maiden entering in an open Maiden Claiming race with a claiming value of $25,000 or greater, shall be entitled to start without being eligible to be claimed.
Interpretation of Eligibility

1. Intent to waive the claiming price must be declared at time of entry. Once the overnight is printed, no consideration will be given to waive the claiming price, regardless if by omission or error.

2. When a horse enters in a maiden claiming race and waives the claiming eligibility, the horse will be considered as running for the top claiming amount offered for weight consideration.

3. When a horse starts in a maiden claiming race, with the claiming eligibility waived, the following considerations shall apply;

• The race shall be considered a claiming race for future eligibility in allowance and condition claiming races.
• A start in a claiming race with the claiming price waived shall not be considered in determining the horse’s eligibility in starter allowance races.
• The horse will be considered as running for the top claiming amount offered for future consideration in allowance races, condition claiming races, weight allowances, start eligibility and race preferences.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Brian Sanfratello
Executive Secretary