Broodmare Opportunities

You can get involved in one of our broodmare programs. You will own a 1.8% interest in the broodmare as well as all her future foals.

Currently available are Dream Come True, a 1.8% share 2019 at $750. Dream Come True has one foal and is in foal to Uptowncharlybrown. One Fast Chick,1.8% for $2,000, she has 2 foals and is in foal to Uptowncharlybrown. It's My Town, 1.8% for $2,000, she has 2 foals and is in foal to Uptowncharlybrown.


The sire, Uptowncharlybrown is currently ranked as the #1 Third crop sire in Pennsylvania and #2 in the MidAtlantic region (June 2018).  His foals have been winning at 80% and have average earnings of over $74,000  which is the highest average earnings for any stallion standing in the MidAtlantic region.

Pennsylvania offers the best statebred program in the land which includes automatic entry into all Pennsylvania races; plus a 40% PA racing bonus; plus, an additional 50% PA breeding bonus each time the horse finishes first, second or third in any maiden race at any of the 3 Pennsylvania racetracks.

After breaking its maiden, breeders award are then 40%; and, it doesn’t matter whether you own the foal or not to collect on all future breeder awards. Once you’re the breeder it stays with you forever!

Pennsylvania offers “year-round” racing unlike many other states (i.e. New Jersey which only has 40 racing days). What's even more remarkable, even should the horse be sold or is claimed away, you’ll still continue to receive your breeding awards for the remainder of the horse’s racing career. It's like the gift that simply keeps on giving.


Just ask the partners in our Ambling Rose partnership in which they continue to collect 40% breeding bonuses on the foals she’s produced; but without, any expenses whatsoever! No other statebred program in the country even comes close to matching Pennsylvania. 

As it is with all our 50 share Broodmare partnerships below are the approximate costs until the first few foals make it to the races, that is, unless we decide to sell them as yearlings, or two-year olds in training.    Always assume the most expensive scenario and then if it’s less you can be pleasantly surprised.

Year 1 = $300

Year 2 = $800 Broodmare + 1 Foal

Year 3 = $1,500 Broodmare + 2 Foals

Year 4 = $2,000 Broodmare + 3 Foals

Year 5 = $1,000 Broodmare + 4 Foals

Year 6 = Self-Funding Broodmare + 5 Foals with 2 racing

Using our Ambling Rose Broodmare partnership as an example, by year 5 it was totally self-funding because those that wanted to sell half their holdings in the 2 YO's had . Ambling Rose’s first foal Amblin Man earned $77,000 and carried the entire freight for all the Ambling Rose partners.  Those that wanted, sold half their holdings in Roosevelt Lane prorated at $210,000. So those partners recouped their entire investment just by selling half their interest in just one foal, but still retained 100% of the breeding rights.

The bottom line is assuming a “worst case” scenario the total cost for the next 5 years is approximately $5,000. That's an average of $1,000 per year to own the Broodmare and 4 foals.  As more and more mouths to feed increase plus the first foals enter training the costs increase. 

However, you always have the option to offer to sell half (0.9%) of your 1.8% holdings in each 2YO BEFORE it actually races for a net of $675 back to you. So you can take part of your investment off of the table, but only if you elect to do so as you’re never forced to sell. The choice is always entirely yours to make.

The best part, whether you decide to sell part of the horse; or eventually the horse is claimed away, you still always retain your full 100% Pennsylvania Breeding Awards each time that the horse finishes first, second, or third at Parx, Penn National, or Presque Isle

And should you be fortunate enough in that one of the foals becomes a genuine stakes horse, then not only does the value of that foal increase, but also the value of the Broodmare skyrockets as well all her future foals. If this happens there’s nothing preventing us from selling future foals at yearling sales, or at 2YO's in training auctions for big money.  By doing so it would eliminate having to make future cash calls in order to pay training expenses.

The response to our Broodmare program offerings has been very well received.  In closing I trust that this provides you a better understanding of the breeding game and what a tremendous opportunity it truly is . 

OFC 3 month old.jpg

One Fast Chick Weanling Filly At 3 Month Old

Click Here For Pedigree Of Broodmare One Fast Chick


Why breed in Pennsylvania, please watch the video below with Brian Sanfratello