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Affordable Horse Racing Partnerships

EXIT STRATEGY: Some partnerships buy claiming horses in which the training expenses far outweigh the initial investment. Yes they can advertise buying into a horse for next to nothing. But, the truth be told, if they gave you the horse for FREE, the training expenses may eat you alive.

At UTCB Stud LLC we do not believe in throwing good money after bad. It’s unrealistic to think that every unraced horse, we or any partnership purchases is going to be of stakes caliber. No one is capable of doing that as buying horses is never an exact science.

If we find that a horse does not live up to our lofty expectations we have no qualms about saying so. We then place the horse in a claiming race in order to have it pay its own way. Eventually it will be claimed away; thus dissolving/ending the partnership.

And if the horse must be retired we find it a good home. We are very proud to be associated with the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. Bob Hutt our founder serves proudly on the Board of Directors to the TRF. And no matter what, when the time comes that the horse must be retired, the TRF and other organizations such as Turning For Home are always there to find our gallant warrior a good home. Click here: Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF)

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