Condition Book

Bob HuttThe race numbers you in the Condition Book are not necessarily the actual race numbers on the race day card.  They are simply reference points/numbers for the trainers to enter their respective horses.

For example, the trainer will call the Racing Secretary and say…”RACE ONE Brooklyn Legend and then give the medication, equipment and the jockey riding him.

Linda White will perform the exact same thing for Betty but will say RACE 10 and then give the information.  This is how horses are universally entered across the country.

As for the actual race number’s we will not know that until this Thursday at the earliest.  Depending on how many entries the Racing Secretary has he then decides what races to use and them makes his decision on what actual race it will be on his race day card.

As for post position, after the Racing Secretary has filled his allotment of races they then play what can be best described as a game of BINGO to decide on the post.

Let’s say there are 8 horses entered in a given race.  They lay out the 8 entries written on sheets of paper.  The jockey agents {and the public if they want} stand in front of the Racing Office.

The Racing Secretary’s assistant then takes 8 pills {balls} and places them in a bottle and shakes it up.  For example, he then says the name of the horse {I.E. Brooklyn Legend} shakes the bottle, turns it over and one pill falls out.  If it’s number 4 he would then announce to all Brooklyn Legend Post 4.  And this is repeated for every horse in the race and all subsequent races.