Race Running Times

Bob HuttHorses are trained the opposite of how they are actually race. For example, we teach them to go slow the first quarter mile and to close strongly. In an actual race let’s say a 6 furlong race the average first quarter mile is run in about 22.3 to 23.3 seconds. Anything less than 23 seconds is considered FAST.

The next quarter mile is run about 23 to 24 seconds. So the half mile time in a 6 furlong race is about 45 to 46. 3 seconds. 45 seconds is considered FAST.

And the last quarter mile is run in about 23.3 to 25 seconds. So the final time for an average 6 furlong race is about 1:11 to 1:12. Anything less than 1:11 is considered FAST and professional racehorse time.
Horses that frequently make the lead in sprint races {6 furlongs} are usually the rabbit. When they go to the lead more than likely another speedball type horse will accompany guaranteeing fast fractions.

And the rabbit usually gets caught as the fast early fractions take their too. Horses that sit just off the pace are called stalkers and have the best chance of winning. Horses that possess no early speed are closer’s and are at the mercy of the pace. If there is NO pace in the race the closer has ZERO chance.

The idea is to see if there is lone speed who can nurse that speed all the way around the racetrack. If there are multiple speedball type horses in the race you have to look for a stalker or a deep closer.

When horses go a route of ground two turns the fractions must be slower. The average quarter flsPhilosophy_horsemile time is about 24 seconds. The half mile is usually run in about 473. to 49 seconds. Six furlongs are run in about 1:12 to 1:13. And a good time for a mile is about 1:37 to 1:38 seconds.

Whether a sprinter or a router {distance horse} when handicapping you look for the same thing either lone speed, a stalker if only a couple of horses are going to the lead, and a deep closer in a race loaded with speed.

No matter what the time always give CLASS the most consideration. If a horse is dropping in class no matter what the form looks like it has a decided edge.

And if you see a consistent horse run a BAD last race but is otherwise consistent give him another chance. As all of you should know by now horses can displace {block their own airway involuntarily} or bleed thru LASIX {which is never reported}. If that happens with the problem corrected in the next race the horse is capable of returning to its winning form

Most people see a horse run a hole in the wind and win at a huge price. Then the next race the public is all over this horse only to find out sadly that the horse runs a bad race. This is called missing the wedding but attending the funeral.

The reason? When a horse runs an uncharacteristic great race more likely than not this is an abnormality. The horse usually bounces, regresses from that top effort, as it took too much out of the horse. I have often told you that horses are living breathing creatures not wind up automobiles in which you turn the key, step on the accelerator and get the same peak performance each and every time.

When you see a horse prepping for a major stake race you can bet that his trainer does not have him totally cranked up. Why? Because it is very hard for a horse to repeat the same peak effort in back to back races. You want your horse to fire on the day of the major stake.

In claiming races horses are more or less consistent.

And one last word if you see a horse with good form dropping from an allowance race to a low level claimer you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that the horse is damaged goods. Throw him out as this horse will lose more than 60% of the time. Never think that you are smarter than the trainer who is dropping the horse into a low level claimer off of good form. Something happened and he is abandoning ship!

Handicapping takes time. But if you slowly dissect the race following these simple rules it should star to get a lot easier for all of you. Always demand value or the race is not worth betting. Keep in mind that the favorite only wins 30% of the time. Good Luck to everyone!