Training Expenses

Bob HuttOn average, you can expect training and vet bills while in active training to cost about $36,000 annually, per horse. The expense to one partner for training one horse projects to about $99 per month for each one full share purchased. If you purchase a 1/2 share, your projected expense is $49 per month, per horse. For a quarter-share it’s $25 per month, per horse. And for an eighth share it is $12.50 per month.

If we require training expenses (and we try not to) you will be billed semi-annually at $600 per full share, $300 per half share, $150 per quarter-share and $75 per eighth share.

All remaining funds in the syndicate after the purchase of the horse are used toward training expenses until the funds are exhausted.

There are never any hidden charges. We hope that the horse will race as a two-year old.  But half of all two-year olds sometimes don’t start for a variety of reasons until they are three.  Assuming the worst case scenario, for those partners owning a full share {2.99%} your cost is $800 every six months. For a half share 1.5%} it’s $400 every six months; and for those partners owning a quarter share {.75%} it’s $200 every six months {semi-annually}.


It’s not the cost of purchasing the horse that eats owners up alive in the very expensive Sport of Kings, but rather training expenses.  If you owned a horse by yourself, even a low level claiming horse, you’re looking at paying approximately $4,000 per month. 

This is why partnerships prove so attractive to so many people.  When you own a horse by yourself you need to factor in training, veterinarian, medications, blacksmiths, therapists, equipment, shipping, etc.  

At Fantasy Lane Stable we figured out a way to really make training a non factor while buying a good horse with an upside. It’s never a guarantee but when you spend modest sums on purchasing horses {less than $100,000} and consistently wind up with 5 stakes horses in 8 years it proves it’s just a little bit more than luck.