Uptowncharlybrown 2020 Stud Fee For Immediate Release

Uptowncharlybrown, the hottest stallion in the MidAtlantic region will see his stud fee rise again for the 2020 breeding season from $4,500 to $7,500. For Pennsylvania foaling broodmares the fee will be $5,000.

Uptowncharlybrown is well represented by multiple stake winner Midtowncharlybrown $475,908; stake winner, Midnightcharly $279,370; and Graded Stake winner Dixie Serenade $296,750.

Uptowncharlybrown was selectively bred to 82 broodmares during the 2019 breeding season. Uptowncharlybrown with just 18 runners is currently tied with Jump Start, 143 runners, as each stallion has 3 stake winners; the most so far, by a MidAtlantic stallion in 2019.

For comparison purposes Jump Start, 2019 stud fee of $10,000, the leading stallion in the MidAtlantic region has average progeny earnings of $86,000 per foal to Uptowncharlybrown's $85,000. However, that's where the similarities end as Uptowncharlybrown progeny average earnings per start is $10,000, which is more than double Jump Start's $4,500.

Uptowncharlybrown has the highest ratio in the nation at moving broodmares up by producing runners. His 2.19 AEI (Average Earnings Index) towers over all other MidAtlantic Stallions. His 0.76 CI (Comparable Index) the mares that he's bred to is among the lowest in the nation.

Uptowncharlybrown AEI/CI 2.19/0.76 progeny have average earnings of $10,000 per start. Uptowncharlybrown is currently #3 in all of North America in AEI trailing only #1 Curlin, stud fee $175,000, with an AEI/CI ratio of 2.31/2.09. Curlin progeny have average earnings per start of $9,000.

Number two in AEI is Tapit with a stud fee of $225,000 with an AEI/CI ratio of 2.27/2.28 whose progeny have average earnings per start of $9,750.

In layman's terms, Uptowncharlybrown is producing results comparable to the best stallions in North America who, unlike Uptowncharlybrown, are bred to the most regal pedigree (CI) of broodmares. No other stallion moves a broodmare up like Uptowncharlybrown!


In the MidAtlantic region:

Jump Start

Stud Fee $10,000

AEI/CI 1.41/1.28

Average Earnings Per Start: $4,500


Warriors Reward:

Stud Fee: $5,000

AEI/CI 1.07/1.35

Average Earnings Per Start: $3,800



Stud Fee: $7,500

AEI/CI 2.19/0.76

Average Earnings Per Start: $10,000

Uptowncharlybrown stands at Glenn & Becky Brok's Diamond B Farm in Mohrsville, Pennsylvania. All inquiries should be directed to Glenn Brok at 610-659-2415