Training Expenses & Purse Distributions

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UTCB Stud is NOT a Claiming Stable. Instead we offer unraced two-year olds where the sky’s the limit.  Our combined  31% win percentage in well over 100 races, consisting mostly of Maiden Special Weight, Allowance, and Stake races the past two years (2017 & 2018), combined with average earning per starter, per race, of $14,000 places us among the elite in the industry.  

You should know that the average expense to own and train just one thoroughbred racehorse, all by yourself at any major racetrack, is $4,000 per month or approximately $48,000 annually.  If you’re fortunate (lucky) enough to own a stake horse, which 25% of our horses have turned out to be, then you need to add on for stake races, nomination, entry, & starting fees; transportation costs, room, board and airfare for your trainer, groom and exercise rider; plus mortality insurance which can bring the annual cost skyward of $100,000,  or even higher. This is why thoroughbred racing is called The Sport Of Kings.  Do you think you can’t afford it?  Relax, because at UTCB Stud our realistic approach to owning a racehorse makes it worry free and totally AFFORDABLE.  You see at UTCB Stud you compete at the Major League level by sharing the training expense with your many fellow partners.  

Did you know that for the past two years UTCB Stud has ranked in the TOP 1% of all Owners In The United States?  You can usually find UTCB Stud listed in the top 500 in the Owner’s Standing out of over 25,000 other Owners. 

Now for as little as $1,125, a 1% Ownership Interest you too can get in the game which INCLUDES ALL TRAINING EXPENSES for the first 6 months.   Unlike other partnerships that invoice their investors monthly, at UTCB Stud we only bill our partners every 5-6 months up until your horse starts paying his or her own way.  The average UTCB Stud horse has averaged greater than $80,000 annually. 

More importantly, we make distributions every 6 months in January and July retaining just $30,000 going forward to pay the next 6 months of bills.  
All partners always receive an itemized detailed Operations Report that includes all training expenses each and every time we send out an invoice, or better yet, when we make purse distributions.  
Depending on the percentage you buy into, below are the training expense costs every 6 month per racing partnership, per horse.  Please keep in mind...that the prices you see on our Affordable Opportunities for each individual horse, already INCLUDE the first 6 months of training expenses.

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